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House Fair 2016
House Fair 2016

The footwear world meets at

"the leading fair in the shoe industry".

The DESMA House Fair 2016 played host to over 700 visitors from 6 continents in Achim on September 15 and 16 2016. Visitors and delegates took the chance to view many of our latest innovations.

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House Fair 2016

Industry 4.0

A phrase coined in Germany has taken

the world by storm

First introduced at the Hannover Fair in 2011, 'Industry 4.0' is the term now used worldwide to describe the latest industrial revolution. The 'Internet of things' connects humans and machines, makes information transfer and data processing faster and more systematic. Manufacturers now have exciting – indeed revolutionary – new ways of organizing every step of their production.

Industrial production in an Industry 4.0 environment enables customization of the product whilst maintaining highly flexible (mass-) production. The DESMA development team has been quick to see the benefits not only for the footwear industry but also the final customers.

"As production becomes seemingly increasingly complex, Industry 4.0 gives the operator on site intelligent support. Quite simply, everything is connected. Production is more stable yet more flexible. We are talking of individual, targeted production: using customer data to produce exactly the sole the customer needs – whether for sports, safety, medical or fashion reasons. This customization is already available for colour but can be extended to include other product features such as midsole cushioning and more," explains DESMA's Head of design and engineering Dr. Karsten Stöbener.

House Fair 2016
House Fair 2016

As DESMA Managing Director Christian Decker explains,
"It's what we call 'disruptive innovation'. We are changing the market by creating new business models; harnessing new technologies and exploiting old ones in new ways."

Going forward, DESMA developers foresee a time when the customer's foot data is stored in a cloud. This data can be collected by the wearer themselves via mobile phone, or at an instore station. Armed with this data, manufacturers can configure each individual shoe to meet the customer's needs exactly: lot sizeone is achievable, every shoe ordered pre-production. This production on demand could lead to reshoring of the industry: closer to consumer markets, thus shorter delivery and planning ways – combined with wider choices for the final customer.

Karsten Stöbener is not only convinced but excited about where the next steps will lead: "Industry 4.0 is ready for you! Exciting new products and possibilities will be on the market in the near future... and DESMA will continue providing new solutions for your production over the coming years."

Strong Partners

Local and foreign exhibitors have presented their products and services. Our strong partners, equipped with the competencies and know-how of injection technologies as well as knowledge about market development and future trends, have informed and advised visitors on the fair over all things that have to do with shoe production. In addition, presentations and demonstrations from our experts were detailed about what is new and trendy.

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