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More than 700 trade visitors – More than 70 exhibitors, partner companies and representa-tives of 150 shoe factories28 lectures at the “DESMAology Footwear Innovation Conference” – Live demonstrations and presentation of the “Laceless Challenge” winner

On 26 and 27 September, the who’s who of the international footwear industry met up in Achim once again. After a prolonged break because of the Coronavirus pan-demic, DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH, the technology and world market leader for plant, machinery, automation solutions and moulds for industrial footwear production, finally had the pleasure of welcoming guests from all over the world to the DESMA House Fair 2022 again. DESMA Managing Directors Klaus Freese and Christian Decker were delighted with the large number of visitors. “We expected a lot of guests, but we certainly had not reckoned with such an overwhelming response to our invitation,” said Christian Decker, Technical Managing Director.

Klaus Freese, Commercial Managing Director, presented the new vision of DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH: ‘Pioneering the World of Footwear Creation’. “This shows that we help our customers in many different ways. We advise them in matters of automation, quality, efficiency and cost reduction. Despite the difficult environment, we are optimistic about the future.” A total of more than 700 visitors and 70 exhibitors as well as representatives of partner companies attended the DESMA event.

Klaus Freese & Christian Decker Hausmesse 2022

Positive feedback from the exhibitors

For two whole days, DESMA presented its production methods and products at its “Factory of the Future”, which opened in 2020. In the exhibition area, visitors could find out more about the products and services offered by the different companies. The participants particularly appreciated the opportunity to share knowledge at first hand with other footwear professionals. Felix Willenbrink, Marketing Manager of BASF Polyurethanes GmbH, drew a positive conclusion after the event: “We have been attending the House Fair for years. It is a very special event be-cause it concentrates a vast range of expertise in a relatively small space. Another important aspect is the presentation of new technologies; you can sense the dynamic changes taking place in the industry.”  Johan van Dyck, Global Application Manager PU Elastomers of Huntsman Corporation, emphasised: “Because we manufacture polyurethane and develop innovative applications, the DESMA House Fair is an absolute must for us. It gives us the chance to meet mechanical engineers and other market players and to enjoy top-level discussions.” Katharina Helfrich, Managing Director of Helfrich Lederagentur, was equally enthusiastic: “We deal in leather for the footwear industry, and this is where we meet all the key players in one place. This is the first time I have attended the DESMA House Fair, and my impression is totally positive. I could obtain comprehensive information and enjoy constructive discussions with others from the industry. In an age where personal contact plays an increasingly important role, I really profited from this event.”

In live demonstrations staged in cooperation with partners from the footwear industry, DESMA presented both tried-and-tested as well as newly developed technologies: direct injection process (DIP), multi section injection (MSI), particle dosing and many other innovations, robotics and automation solutions as well as digital products which support the process from order to production.

Successful: First “DESMAology Footwear Innovation Conference”

The “DESMAology Footwear Innovation Conference”, which was held for the first time this year, proved to be a true highlight at the fair. According to DESMA Managing Director Christian Decker, the symposium with its varied programme of 28 lectures, presentations and panel discussions, topped practically all other trade events for the footwear industry in 2022. “As far as I know, no other event this year offered so many lectures and papers,” he stated. The topics featured at the Innovation Conference included 3D technology, the role of artificial intelligence in footwear production, PU recycling solutions and – the prime topic – “Industry 4.0”. If you missed the DESMAology Conference, you can watch videos and obtain information about it here.

Winner of the “Laceless Challenge”

Presentation of the winning shoe in the “Laceless Challenge”, a design competition launched in April 2022, was yet another highlight, when winner Jesse Giacomo presented his shoe “Beluga”. The special thing about this event was that the shoe was produced on DESMA machines during the House Fair – a real eye-catcher and an impressive technological advance, because in keeping with the motto “Design for Manufacturing 4.0”, DESMA ensured that the winning design was promptly transformed into an actual shoe. 

Further information, video and photos about the DESMA House Fair are available here.

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