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automated footwear

Modern manufacturing, whatever the branch, is becoming increasingly automated.
Automation is at the heart of today’s shoe production, chosen by shoemakers for both technical and financial reasons.

Footwear assembly places special demands on automation and automated devices which, compared to other industrial needs, must be more intelligent and more flexible. The footwear industry has traditionally involved a great deal of manual work: DESMA offers automation of the assembly process.


DESMA is known in the footwear industry for reliable and high quality manufacturing equipment, integrating the latest technologies. Our target: the right automation for each and every manufacturer, extending profitability along with fulfilling market requirements.

As the automation pioneer, DESMA has been developing automation solutions since the 1980s. More than 1,500 robots have been installed by DESMA worldwide.

Many DESMA automatic cells and fully automated lines are manufacturing shoes successfully, every day.

Automation is a challenge which requires a high level of industrial engineering. We at DESMA are determined to help you meet that challenge: the right automation for your production.

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Desma Lloyd
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When Hermann Friedrich Meyer founded
the “H. F. Meyer Schuhfabrik” in Bremen in February 1888, his aim was clear: stylish footwear of the very finest quality. In 1905 he registered the brand name LLOYD for his shoes, a name which stood for the Hanseatic virtues of quality, reliability and tradition.

The company, family-run for many years, always had a clear strategy: one foot on the path of tradition and the other on the path to the future.

So it comes as no surprise that LLOYD shoes, with headquarters in Sulingen, Lower Saxony, and DESMA Achim – less than 50 km away – should find working together a delight.

LLOYD director of operations Michael Günther praises DESMA’s ‘expert knowledge’, whilst DESMA Sales staffer Dieter Bade
highlights the partnership which has been a feature of developments made for LLOYD: “The starting point for us is always the customer. How can we help them get the very best from their production – in terms of quality of course but also economy and reduction of waste? And increasingly, footwear producers using traditional manufacturing methods are looking to DESMA for support in automating their production for exactly those reasons.”

“LLOYD decided to take the first step towards automation within traditional production. This meant integrating our Sole Cell into their current process. The soles enter the cell and are then sprayed with a water-based adhesive, by a robot. We all know that not only does automation mean faster and more precise working with less waste, what is also vital is that the quality of adhesion is vastly improved. This Sole Cell, using water-based adhesive, is a huge ecological advantage. The use of Sole Cells – whether water-based, solvent or hot melt – removes employees from a hazardous workplace.”

“We’ve noticed that as traditionally producing factories introduce automation, they grow. Their employees learn new skills, become trained in operations or maintenance. We worked very closely with LLOYD, both on their production site in Sulingen and here in Achim, designing and implementing a training programme for their employees,”
explains Freese.

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“It’s been an exciting project,” DESMA MD Klaus Freese is happy to explain the breadth and depth of the challenges faced by LLOYD and DESMA, working as partners.

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About 600 LLOYD employees in Germany and over 1500 in other countries produce the stylish, instantly recognisable LLOYD shoes. “When it comes to style there are no compromises” is the company’s principle.

“Our customers need to feel confidence in their footwear – wherever and whenever” explains Andreas Schaller, LLOYD managing director for Sales and Marketing.

With 3,700 points of sale both in Germany and abroad, and 1.8 million pairs of shoes sold (2015), 29 concept stores and 12 factory outlets, LLOYD – over 125 years consistently considered as a desirable, premium brand – has invested heavily in its northern German HQ, including a new € 6.5 million logistics centre which was opened in 2013.

As to future DESMA/LLOYD developments, Michael Günther is confident: “Everything is in place for us to take further innovative steps together.”

DESMA’s Klaus Freese smiles in agreement: “This Sole Cell, highly appreciated and valued by LLOYD, is the first step.”

“Together, we’re now open for the next step – into the future.”
says Poul Haugaard Petersen, LLOYD managing director for production.

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