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DESMA simplifies spare parts ordering and takes part in the “LongLife” joint research project to improve life cycle forecasts of wearing parts.

The maximum service life of many components used in technical systems is often not fully exploited. Especially wearing parts such as bearings, springs and belts are replaced at regular intervals in accordance with standard maintenance plans, although they could still have been used for a much longer period. On the other hand, failure to monitor the condition of components can lead to unforeseen downtime and unnecessarily high costs.  

“LongLife” is a research project funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research that uses technical and business management instruments to design reliable forecasting models which can identify wear and tear and possible faults in machines at an early stage. Alexander Klein, Smart Service Product Manager at DESMA, explains the project objectives: “We want to be able to predict exactly when a spare part will break down. This will allow our customers to order critical components at the right time and thus ensure reliable and continuous production.”

In the project, which will run till 2022, DESMA cooperates with experts in the fields of data technology, smart sensors and artificial intelligence. The scientific aspects are handled by the Institute for Integrated Product Development of Bremen University. Right from the start, the project gave top priority to added value for the customer.

DESPARTS 2.0: easy system accessibility – fast availability of spare parts

“We will use the expertise acquired in the LongLife project to expand our DESPARTS 2.0 system,” says Alexander Klein. DESMA developed the DESPARTS tool for spare parts ordering and upgraded it to the next level in 2019. Customers who have registered for the system can access information about the availability, price and supply history of specific components and therefore order the right spare part at the right time. The benefits of DESPARTS are obvious: easy access, fast response times, order history, direct price check and real-time availability.

Ten per cent of DESMA’s customers already use this tool. Alexander Klein recommends that all customers who do not yet have personalised access should send an e-mail, stating their name and customer number, to “They will then receive free access to DESPARTS within 72 hours.”

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